Working from home
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Working from home

Working from home

In light of the CoronaVirus outbreak, a lot of people are being advised to work from home (WFH) and while this might seem appealing in the short term, the prospect of this being a long term arrangement can be quite daunting.

Below are some tips, advice & guidance on how to make WFH a positive and manageable experience. Also remember that relaxation & breathing techniques can be incredibly effective for focussing your mind and easing any anxiety.

Your working environment …

• Make sure you are comfortable & have all the necessary equipment that you need to perform your job e.g. monitors, chairs etc.
• Keep your working area clean, tidy & organised
• If possible create a separate workspace
• Ideally position yourself near a window to allow in natural light & air
• Create boundaries with others in your household so that they are aware that you are home working & try to reduce distractions and interruptions

Routine …

Create a new daily routine …

• Set an alarm to wake you up at the same everyday
• Make a plan for the day ahead with timings
• Schedule regular breaks away from your desk
• Set regular alarms to remind yourself of key activities e.g. having a drink, stretching
• Take a dedicated lunch break, if possible take a walk outside & get some fresh air

Connections …

Working from home it is vital that you stay in touch with your colleagues …
Set up a ‘slack channel’
Communicate over Skype – chat, video call, call
Speak on the telephone

It creates accountability
It creates a sense of ‘team ‘ work despite being in different locations

Tips …

• Be mindful of how much ‘news/media’ you expose yourself to this includes social media
• If feeling overwhelmed or anxious try some breathing or relaxation techniques
• Stay hydrated, eat well choose nutrient dense foods, get adequate sleep & rest to perform at your best and to keep your mental health in check
• Get regular exercise