Tips to sleep well during ‘lockdown’ …
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Tips to sleep well during ‘lockdown’ …

Tips to sleep well during ‘lockdown’ …

As Wales has been told we have another 3 weeks of lockdown, it is totally understandable that people are finding the situation harder & harder to process and deal with.

As a consequence, it is very likely that people are finding that their sleep is being affected in a negative way & are experiencing more sleeplessness at the moment.

Below are some tips to help you minimise the impact of the ‘lockdown’ on your sleep.

1)      Keep to a routine – routine is your friend in this situation & will help to keep your circadian rhythm or body clock in order. A good routine should include some or all of the following;

  • Don’t watch the news or check social media at least 1 hr before bedtime
  • Create a evening wind down routine, dim the lights, stay off your phone, do some meditation or relaxation practices


2)      What’s your bedroom like? Make sure your bedroom is free from clutter & feels organised and calm. Is your bedroom dark enough? Cool enough? Is your bed comfortable & your duvet & pillows inviting?

3)      If you are waking in the night & can’t go back to sleep don’t lie there running things through your mind over & over. Get out of bed and move into another room. Distract yourself by reading a book (keep the lights dimmed) or listen to an audio book or podcast until you feel tired enough to go back to bed

4)      Keep a regular wake time & get straight out of bed. Even if your sleep has been poor, still get up at the same wake time. This will help to set your circadian rhythm and make sleeping much easier in the coming nights

5)      Finally, don’t stress about your sleep. Try & relax, the sleep will come to you

Don’t forget we are running regular relaxation sessions via Zoom, contact us if you would like to get involved & of course we are available for 1:1 sleep coaching sessions should you feel you need some extra support getting the sleep that you deserve.