Sleep & Anxiety
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Sleep & Anxiety

Sleep & Anxiety

Anxiety is the perceived sense of threat however it can be a positive thing. It can be positive in that it can keep you from danger e.g. moving out of the way of moving traffic, that fight or flight response.

But a lot of anxiety is perceived & therefore can take up a lot of our ‘headspace’.

People can experience anxiety around their ‘sleep’ & this then prevents them from sleeping. Anyone who has or does suffer from insomnia will be all too familiar with this type of anxiety.

Sufferers often lie awake for hours worrying that they won’t get any sleep & how this will affect them the next day & it becomes a perpetual cycle of anxiety, worry & sleeplessness.

Sleep coaching helps you tackle the anxiety around your sleep, it gives you coping mechanisms that help you deal with your sleep anxiety & combining this with simple breathing exercises and regular meditation/relaxation it can have a powerful effect.

If you would like to know more about how sleep coaching can help you with sleep anxiety, please get in touch. We’d love to help you.