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Are you


  • Suffering with racing thoughts that just won’t stop?
  • Maybe you or a family member suffer with anxiety or depression?
  • Do you struggle to sleep at night or feel that you aren’t getting enough restful hours?
  • Struggling with pain?
  • Have you reached the menopause and are struggling with its negative side effects?
  • Stressed out?

Did you know that relaxation can help with all of the above scenarios and many more.

It has been proven that relaxation can help with many of the issues that we face in our day-to-day lives.

Relaxation Classes


Monday  – postponed until further notice due to the current climate, we will update the website as soon as there is any news.

When: Monday evenings 7.00 – 8.00 pm

Where: Llantrisant Guildhall, Castle Green, Llantrisant CF72 8EE

Who: Anyone 10yrs +

Cost: £7 per session or £6 per session when you book 6 sessions or £5 per session when you book 10 sessions


Parking @ Llantrisant Guildhall

Parking is available outside the Guildhall



iwanttosleep offers a range of relaxation classes from group settings to one-to-one sessions.


We use techniques that range from Yoga Nidra to Mindfulness Body Scans as well as visualisation techniques.



What do I need to know?


Please wear warm comfortable clothing

Bring a yoga mat (we do have some spares if required)

Bring a blanket for extra warmth & comfort

Bring a pillow if you feel it will aid your relaxation

Why not bring an eye mask too to shut out any light


Spaces are limited, so booking is advised – drop us a line to book in.

What to expect

Our relaxation classes are an opportunity for you to come along and relax and shut out the world for an hour.

We lay on the floor and make ourselves really comfortable and warm, while our practitioner sets the mood & expectations for the evening.

Using a variety of practices from Yoga Nidra, to Mindfulness and Visualisation our practitioner will guide and direct us through the relaxation session using her voice and ambiance of the room.

Participants can derive whatever they wish from the session, it might be an hour of peace & calm or total absorption into the practice – you make of it what you wish.

Come and relax in an ever busy world.