How to sleep well during the Corona Virus
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How to sleep well during the Corona Virus

How to sleep well during the Corona Virus

iwantosleep is seeing more and more posts on social media where people are posting that they are struggling to sleep during this unprecedented & unusual situation that we currently find ourselves in.

Below are some tips to help you get the best possible sleep during this time;

Wind down routine

Which could include some or all of the following;

1) Set an alarm 2 hrs before your chosen bedtime to tell yourself you are entering the wind down phase of the evening

2) Dim the main lights and swap to side lamps or even candles – this will start to tell your brain that it’s time to go to bed

3) Avoid social media, looking at your phone or watching the news in the hour or longer if you can before your bedtime. This will allow you to empty your mind & prevent it from taking in new & possibly upsetting information

4) Take 5/10 minutes to do some breathing exercises or engage in some relaxation. This will calm your mind & any anxious thoughts – remember we can’t control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them & the thoughts that we allow to enter our minds

In bed

Make your bed & bedroom a place that you look forward to going to.
Develop an association in your mind between your bed/bedroom being a place of calm & safety, somewhere you can’t wait to get too.
How to achieve this?
Keep your bedroom clutter free, organised & calm
Invest in some nice bedding inc duvet set, pillows etc.
Keep the temperature ambient (18 degrees is optimal)

What if your mind starts racing once you get into bed?

This is where you have to discipline yourself and tell yourself right in that very moment there is nothing you can do about your worries & concerns. Those worries & concerns will still be there tomorrow & can be properly assessed then and an action plan made to deal with them.
If it helps keep a notepad & pen by the bed to jot down any major trains of thought or concerns.
Don’t look at your phone! This will only add to your racing mind & the light from the phone will only wake you up.


We sleep in cycles & it is common to wake a few times during the night.
Focus on the quality of the sleep not the quantity – don’t get stressed out by the number of hours sleep that you think you may or may not have had.
If you feel tired during the day & time allows take a 20 minute nap to revive yourself, aim for 20 minutes as this won’t have too much of an impact on you trying to sleep later on.

Sleep Coaching

Remember we offer a 1:1 sleep coaching service (£40 per hr) where we can help you achieve better sleep & help identify areas that might be causing your sleeplessness – please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss in more detail. Sleep coaching sessions would be performed online in light of the current situation.