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Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about ‘gratitude’ and what it means to be grateful.

Covid 19 has plunged the country into an unprecedented situation and while we are all experiencing the same virus our experience of the virus and the lockdown might be very very different.

You are either grateful or you are not! There is no middle ground with gratitude, no grey area!

So why be grateful in the current circumstances?

Developing a habit of gratitude leads to joy and joy leads to feelings of happiness. Gratitude can also reduce stress & anxiety.

So, here is the challenge, what can you find to be grateful for today?

It might be the fact that you are up & out of bed before a certain time or that you have some outside space to be in, or that you are well & in good health.

I would encourage you to name & ideally write down at least 1 thing per day that you are grateful for and to make it a daily habit. No matter how small the gratitude, see if it doesn’t make you feel some joy & happiness.

Try and remember there is always something to be grateful for, some days you might just have to look harder than others but there will always be something.

Remember the current situation will pass & one day that will be thing that you are grateful for.