A Healthy Brain
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A Healthy Brain

A Healthy Brain

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy brain?

Our brain health is just as important as our physical health & investing in our brain health can help to increase our chances of reducing stress, depression & long-term illnesses such as dementia.
I recently listened to a fascinating podcast with Kimberley Wilson a Phycologist (linked below) about how to create a healthy brain … I would encourage anyone to have a listen as some of the take home suggestions are very straight forward.

There were 2 stand out points for me that were discussed which I will briefly mention below;

Sleep is so important! It’s a superpower that does so much to consolidate & cleanse your brain while you sleep.
A good’s night sleep is vital for long term health & studies have shown that the negative effects of sleep can have some very serious consequences on long term health putting people at greater risk of a stroke, heart disease & type 2 diabetes.
Sleep needs to be a priority.

The power of meditation for your brain is so beneficial, that it actually creates more brain cells and makes your brain ‘thicker’ which according to Kimberley is a good thing!
Stress is not good for the brain & nor is it good for our physical bodies, so we would all be well advised to make time to meditate/relax and do ourselves a favour.

iwanttosleep can help with both sleep & relaxation and we would love to help make both of these a priority in your life so please do get in touch … we are waiting to help you.

Here’s a show for you… How To Build A Healthy, Happy Brain episode of Deliciously Ella